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A Woman's Story

Having worked with many women over the years, it is clear that many of us get to a point in our life when we say “OK…. Now it’s my time”. We may have spent a great deal of our life working on our career, bringing up children, managing the house, caring for elderly parents and trying to keep all the plates spinning. Basically caring for and looking after everyone else often neglecting ourself along the way. Some of us come to the realisation that whilst we are so proud of what we have achieved and amazed at times how we actually managed to do it all, there is usually a cost that comes with it. We may end up stressed out, burnt out having put our own self care, ambitions and passions on hold and so far down the list that we may have even forgotten who we are as our own dreams and aspirations, hopes and desires had been put on hold. An alternative lifestyle may be calling, perhaps a more healthy lifestyle with more balance and meaning!

 The lucky ones who recognise they are under a lot of stress may look for ways to relax and reduce stress by using relaxation techniques and exercises, maybe practicing yoga and pilates and meditation and mindfulness exercises, which are all fantastic stress busters and great for creating more positive thinking. So is even going for a nice walk, being in nature or just being, with no pressure to do anything!

Unfortunately, for others, they may just keep going on the same treadmill ...not knowing how to get off, not knowing how to move forward, not even knowing where to Start!

WELL THE GOOD NEWS... that no matter where you find yourself on your journey through life…. IT IS YOUR TIME NOW! Time to put yourself further up that list, Time to think about what's important to you too, what you want to get out of your life.  Time to be good to yourself too, get your spark back and live your life with more zest and passion than you could ever imagine.

We are here to help you improve your lifestyle whether it’s to make small changes in a  specific area of your life or to make dramatic changes that will lead to a significant transformation….the choice is yours.


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