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Getting Started

Starting something new is always a bit scary maybe even daunting but also so exciting at the same time. It's like when you plan for a change in your life like, finally getting the courage to start that business you have been thinking about for years but not quite having the courage to make the leap. Or it's like deciding once and for all to start your more healthy eating regime, but this time you really feel determined to do it and keep it up, and i

f you do stumble along the way, not to be defeated! That you will pick yourself back up and carry on.

We all have days when we feel stronger and more able to tackle anything and other days when, for no reason at all, you feel a bit weaker.

The key to lasting success is:

- Having a sensible and realistic plan

- Setting your intention ..."I will be ___________ on __________and feeling ___________

-Taking it one step at a time, remeber baby steps can lead to massive success.

- Being consistent

- Forgive yourself for any slip ups and get back in the game as soon as possible

- You will succeed! Believe it, Visualise your success, and MAKE IT HAPPEN

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